Our Story

Our goal is to develop a brand that is authentic to our community, culture and beer. For decades we have been large consumers in a diverse market, but under-represented in ownership and visual representation.

Representation of LIMIN' and VIBIN' in the Ontario Craft Brewery market. Photo at Nickel Brook Brewing Co in Toronto, Ontario.

Why Limin’ and Vibin’

LIMIN’ - A word often used in the Caribbean, meaning to take it easy, to hang out with family and friends.

VIBIN’ - Relaxing, having a good time, surrounded by good vibes.

Our Brewing Partner

We wanted to enter the market with an easy drinking lager, smooth and refreshing that everyone could relate to. Our beer is made locally by Nickel Brook Brewing Company, which is also our brewing partner and producer of our beer. They own a catalog of award winning beers listed throughout all LCBO, The Beer Store and Grocery chains across Ontario.

Fridge full of cold LIMIN' and VIBIN' lager beer at Nickel Brook Brewing.